Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I had a client in Arlington call just 2 days before they were moving to schedule their newborn's photos.  Since Sabe no longer works from home :( my built-in nanny is no longer available during the days for sessions.  Anyways, the lady was nice enough to invite Izzy along for the session.  This is a little out-take while the mother was nursing in between photos.

Monday, June 23, 2008

{the 5th grade party-of-a-lifetime}

Olivia's fellow classmate, Ethan, hosted their graduation party.  It was so flippin' incredible!!!  These kids will never forget how much fun they had at such a great place.  Ethan's home and pool are to-die-for and they feasted on a catered barbeque, listenend to some great music and a DJ.  They were entertained with games and dancing.  It was so awesome--and the best part was watching how all these kids just love each other.  Olivia was so sad that night about that time being the last time they would all be together.  What a great day!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

{olivia's 5th grade graduation}

Olivia has had a so many great events going on in her life lately.  Fifth grade is a big deal around here since they will all be moving on to middle school.  (YIKES!)  They performed their big play, HONK Jr., had graduation, special awards ceremony, and then the most amazing graduation party ever.  She has formed such a special bond with all these fellow students since she started out in kindergarten with most of them.  She is just growing up way too fast!

singing their school song--made us all cry!
receiving her D.A.R.E award
receiving her graduation certificate and her Webster's Dictionary--do we still use those?

some of the 5th graders
more of the them
cute girlies

Olivia and her teacher, Mrs. Kuntz--love her.
my 3 little cuties---so proud of Olivia!

Sabe couldn't be there that night, but he gave Olivia a gift card to Vera Bradley, one of her favorites!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Sabe's grandmother and 4 aunts+1cousin are visiting from Central Utah, so we took the kids out of school on Friday and visited the home of Thomas Jefferson, Monticello, which is located in Charlottesville--home of UVA.  What a beautiful sight it was...this man had a vision what he wanted to create, along with 150 slaves :)  Not to knock on him, but wasn't he the author of the Declaration of Independence, hence "all men are created equal"?  Heck, he was a great man and we are fortunate to live in an area with such rich, American history.  The kids had a grrrreat time and we ended the day with a great barbeque at Jennifer and Justin's house.

my little confederate

standing in line :)

Izzy and Abbie--the kid's favorite 2nd cousin

the cooking kitchen
right outside the "privy", better known as the potty :}
oh, how cute!

this is how much Liv likes her picture to be taken!

Iz, do you want to go get ice cream?