Monday, December 21, 2009


once, again the Lakes invaded our house for Thanksgiving! Just kidding....we love it, we really do and we are especially glad that we have more than 2 toilets and 1 shower to share with them. Our kids were way too excited to see them.
The Lakes arrived late Wednesday night and then all the boys went to play in the annual Turkey Bowl the next morning. I had to laugh because Sabe was moaning & groaning about playing and saying he was too old to be playing football anymore. Well, apparently they played pretty well and Sabe threw a few touchdown passes, so he came home with a big of swagger and a much bigger head than when he left. They really did have a great time and they even included the little guys in the game as well.
Michele and I stayed home and did our thing in the kitchen. We always have such easy jobs as far as our contributions to the big meal goes. I made corn pudding, fresh green beans, and sugar cookies, while Michele made her green salad.
We headed over to the farm and had a really great meal. Julia always does an amazing job with setting the tables, which Olivia and Jaxon helped with the day before. You will have to notice the centerpiece--Julia ordered this from Hawaii. Isn't it awesome?
The rest of the day consisted of football and the kids making the chandeliers shake.

{isabella's 4th birthday}

yep, its true. My princess is 4. Izzy was looking forward to this day for a very long time. It was especially nice having the Lakes at our home to help us celebrate it, along with all the Anderson family. She had a muffin in bed with a candle in it and then got lots of goodies throughout the day, namely a brand new bottle of Tabasco sauce which goes great on Sabe and Izzy's midnight snacks of quesadillas. The Dora bubble bath set was also a fun surprise from daddy's trip to the store for more rice krispies :)
Olivia and McKenna did such a great job decorating the kitchen, complete with a little "Izzy shrine".
Now, don't laugh at the cake, because I am not skilled by any means in that department. I do watch "Cake Boss" and am smart enough to know that you should always build the base of cakes with rice krispie treats. So thats what I did and I think I totally spared Snow White from tipping over. I made a bunch of cupcakes because I thought that is what everyone would eat. Much to my surprise, everyone ended up going crazy for the cake, but I'm pretty sure it was the buttercream icing that was so good.
It was so sad when everyone started singing happy birthday to Isabella because she started crying and felt like they were all screaming at her. I guess she was right, but opening up presents completely made up for it. She loved every minute of it.
What a fun day....