Thursday, August 28, 2008

{miss Abbie}

Abigail is definitely one of most favorite little girls to photograph.  Why does she have to live so far away??  Boo-hoo :(  She is such a doll and she and Isabella had such a fun time together in UT.  They would run around chasing each other and giggle and hold hands.  Love you, Abbers!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

{the lake kids--urban}

Some of you may have already seen my post on my photography blog on the sessions I did with all my nieces and nephews while I was in UT--but I just thought I'd post them here, too!
TOTALLY struggling to get the true colors here when I upload them to Blogger, but I just cannot post the high-res files--they are too big.  UUGHH!

{pioneer day}

Its always fun to visit Utah on the 24th of July to be part of the celebration of Pioneer Day.  This day we all went to Pioneer Village and Brigham Young's Farm.  There were so many fun activities and crafts for the kids--they all had a really great time.  

grandma with her cuties
Camille, me, and Michele
all the sisters, minus Ash
sack race
izzy was sooo excited to ride on the pony.  i was a little shocked because she is very hesitant with our horses here at home.  "Honey" gave her a really gentle ride---she was in heaven!

jax, the city boy, even had a turn
grandpa and his boys

izzy washing clothes---the HARD way

and ahhhhhh.....ICE CREAM!
Chocolate--all the way for Jax
look at those beauties!  i had so much fun with my sister Camille this trip.  We shared a rental car, so we spent a lot of time driving together--cussing and laughing :)  We have a lot in common...we love to spend money and eat good food.  We need to spend more time together!

some pretty happy kids!
thanks, Grandpa!

messy, but still pretty cute :)
the cutest girls in town--they love each other!

izzy was really drawn to Hillary.  any chance she got, she would make her way into this auntie's arms and pretend like I didn't exist.
our covered wagon ride to Brigham's home

grandpa using jax as a pillow...
the two pregnant ladies...
me and Ang--i loved hanging out with her and little Abbie, who is one of my most favorite little girls to photograph.  Andrea is an awesome mom and always up for a trip to Dick's for their amazing pastries.  thanks, Ang, for the few extra pounds I gained on that trip :)
the Garner gals