Friday, February 26, 2010

{hyde fam}

it was so fun doing a few family sessions in the beautiful Seattle area-such a different backdrop for me to work with. We visited this part, just a few miles from Adam and Ashley's home for low tide and we were able to get some fun family shots!

{williams fam}

how cute are they? seriously....

{camille & holland}

Camilley-you are strong, beautiful, talented, amazing, and such a gracious, kind mother

{ruby aka cupcake}

seriously, doesn't she just look like a cupcake? this little girl stole my heart not just the first time I met her as a newborn, but the next time when she was almost 2 years old. I gave her the new name of cupcake, which suits her well from the cutest little face to the high-pitched voice that you just want to bottle up, to her little run that is more like the cherry on top bouncing down the street. what a sweet little girl she is--so gentle, so obedient, so full of love.