Monday, July 5, 2010

{4th of July}

This is definitely one of my most favorite holidays spent here in VA. Such an old-time, small-town kind of good-feeling holiday. Does that make sense?
We had a BBQ at our house on Saturday night and then we headed to Waterford for fireworks. Its a fact that Izzy HATES fireworks. She had her hands on her ears 30 minutes before the show started. We went to the parade and celebration on Sunday and then had another BBQ at the big farm. My kids couldn't dream of being with anyone else than their cousins. In fact, the older boys lit all the fireworks themselves and loved every minute of it. good times...good times...

Sunday, July 4, 2010

{skate camp '10}

air, airwalk grab,backside, caballerial, fakie, frontside, goofy-foot, grind, kickflip, heelflip, indy, japan air, mctwist, nollie, nosegrind, ollie, primo, railstand, rock & roll.
another year of skate camp and another year of bruises, sweat, and fun. when i dropped jaxon off at skate camp the first day, he wasn't super excited. he had just had a long week of bball camp and really didn't want to leave our new little Louis. but the second he strapped on his helmet and dropped his board, there he was. he is such a natural on a skateboard. every part of his body takes on the role of a die-hard skateboarder. his fearless take on half-pipes amazes me. he was dropping down our 4-foot ramp when he was only 5, and the 8-foot at the age of 8. he is nonchalant about it and i just love watching him. he was challenged to learn something new and he can now jump the transition between half-pipes. big for him.
i'm so glad he had so much fun and he can NOT wait for our trip to UT and the bazillion skate parks that line the Wasatch Front. Uncle Tom has always been so amazing to take Jaxon skating while we are visiting. those will be such distinct, awesome memories for him.
this guy, Stephen, is the master skater. he is such a nice guy and Jaxon has always looked up to him. he has really cool dreadlocks too.
the battle wounds:

{how much is that doggie in the....}

yes, its true. the andersons own a dog. i don't think Livy-lou, JJ, or Isabella-boo ever thought they would cuddle with a puppy thanks to a dad that doesn't even care for our cat!! But their daddy is the one that saw the sign, slammed on the brakes, and let all of us fall in love with little Louis. And yes, he is name after Louis Vuitton because our cat Coco is named after THE Coco Chanel. Hehe.
I now get to wake up at 5am and feed a baby, Jaxon gets his little brother, Izzy gets to dress up another dolly, and Olivia gets to shop for another Juicy Couture bag :)
we love him already. he is so sweet and he actually poops on the grass where he is supposed to. he gets lots of attention wherever he goes and only weighs a few pounds.
i hope grandma joyce is ready for an extra guest at her house....