Monday, May 19, 2008

{happy birthday, mom!}

birthday wishes to my wonderful and beautiful mother!!!   i won't say your age, but we all know that your looks and vitality are just a shade over 40, right?  It sounds like you had a fantastic weekend in Sun Valley and I can only wish that we all could've been there to celebrate this special day with you.  Thank you so much for being the most kind and gentle mother and for showing me how to be mother myself.  I know you don't think we need you as much as we used to, but I hope you know that I think about you everyday.  Thank you for everything you do and for all the love you give to my kids.  We love you!

this photo was taken when my mom came to stay with us right after Izzy was born.  look how little she was!!!

{visit from the Garners}

so we had a great visit from the sweet, little Garner family--my one and only bro and his cute fam.  Tom is like a little kid when he comes to my house and just loves to play outside.   jaxon was so beside himself while waiting for him to come, and Tom and Jaxon pretty much did everything together for the week---fished, rode the motorcycle, dug for worms, hunted for frogs with a flashlight, you name it--they did it.  So we really didn't go anywhere and I feel terrible I didn't get any fun, candid photos, but I did get plenty of pics of Adelyn and Elsie.  They are the perfect models.  Love you guys!

{wait in line ladies....}

jax is so fun to photograph cuz he's such a little poser.  i love him to pieces and stay in tune for another photo session to come....he bargained with me---a mood ring for a photo session.  pretty easy, heh?

{fun times at the mall}

i usually do not bring my camera to the mall, but Olivia had a chorus concert on Saturday and her artwork was being showcased there, so we had a great time.  This is a fun time of year for Olivia, since she will be leaving grade school and moving on to middle school next year.  She has so much fun with friends, soccer, and all the drama that goes along with that.
the carousel got them nice and sick right before lunch....but at least it wasn't the other way around :)
izzy might as well live on the carousel cuz she just loves it so much.  its fun to see her entranced by its glory, as she stares at all the beautiful paintings and lights.  maybe one day she can get a mall job at the carousel ticket booth :)

liv and her friend at the art exhibit after the chorus concert
isn't that painting awesome?  i'm going to need to frame that one!!
cute, little horse sculpture
liv and sam
more of the chicks