Friday, November 13, 2009

{trick-or-treat 2}

As always, we went to Waterford Village for our trick-or-treating. It is the best. Not a lot of candy, but so storybook-like.
Each the school decorates a home for each class based upon different themes. This year it was books that had come to life in movies. Charlie and the CHocolate Factory, Harry Potter, Charlotte's Web. It was awesome. Our kids really had a great time, and Jaxon cannot wait until he can just run off with his friends like Olivia does!


This year, Isabella picked out her Snow White costume literally the first day Target got their shipment of Halloween in.
She knew exactly what she wanted to be, and i was just happy it wasn't Elmo again.
As October moved on, Izzy wore the costume at least once a day and it started showing some serious signs of wear. We even found a wig online that was just perfect.
The day came for the preschool costume parade. I had no idea what I was in for. Out of 70+ kids, my child was the only one having a meltdown. The wig was itchy and her red, sparkly shoes kept coming off. So we got a few pics of the wig and after the parade was over, she started having some fun. Spider cookies and games took her mind off it.