Thursday, November 6, 2008

{Izzy is ready to hit the town!}

So Izzy dressed herself today so we could go run errands....what do you think of her fashion sense?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

{last soccer game}

Jaxon had his last last soccer game this past Saturday and he did a wonderful job.  He ended the season being the leading scorer.  His little 46-lb. body can move pretty quick and he has inherited some fast feet from his dad!  He will be starting his first season of basketball this month and is sooooo excited!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008


Our Halloweens are always awesome cuz we get to go trick-or-treating in Waterford Village. Its like spending the night in Sleepy Hollow--no street lights, but amazing, old houses that are decorated to the hilt! Also, each grade at the elementary decorates a house in the year's theme. This year it was all about countries around the world. Amazing. People went to so much work.
So, Elmo puked at our house a LONG time ago and Isabella is no doubtedly, OBSESSED! So she represented the red, furry monster very well. Jaxon was an injured skateboarder, and Liv was a slumber party girl. We really did have a great time with lots of close friends.

okay, so she is pretty cute, huh?

do you notice our house being scraped in the background--new paint job happening!


Jaxon and his friends

Liv and her best friend, Sam
Little Mexico

My good friend, Melissa



Liv's friend, Colton

Jaxon standing by the column he made for the 3rd grade house
KJ and Sam, some of Jaxon's skating buddies