Sunday, April 14, 2013

st. geezy

What a fun Spring Break we had!  This was our first trip to St. George and Mom & Dad were so nice to let us stay in their awesome home.  It felt so good to get away to warmer weather.  We were able to spend some time with Andrea & Matt and kids, and even my Aunt Natalie & Uncle Mark.  Olivia adores her time with Brooke.  Izzy had a blast with cute Abby.  Jaxon and Sabe had he time of their lives testing out the new 4-wheeler at the sand dunes and trails behind the Ekins/ house.  We can't wait to go back!
Mom & Dad's house is full of amazing antiques.  Another cozy home!
 Brooke & Liv
 Izzy & Abby

 She's sexy and she knows it
 Visiting the beautiful St. George Temple

 The Tabernacle

 playing at the splash pad...pure delight

 eating lunch @ Tweny Five and Main--delicious

Andrea's house is amazing....she inspired me with new ideas!

 the new discovery....Dirty Cokes.  A little shot of coconut syrup--So so so so good!
 We also discovered Pizza Factory--the breadsticks are to-die-for!
 Hiking near Pioneer Park

 Swig is known for their yummy drinks and amazing sugar cookies
 This is my favorite photo of the trip---i just love my kids
 On the way home, we stayed with Sabe's grandma's house in Cedar City.  They have a new aquatic center the kids loved.
 Classic--Liv got her underwear stuck on the bug trap.  We got a good laugh.

 a fun little photo shoot in the basement.  couldn't resist

 Izzy loved playing with Jacques, and he loved all the attention she gave him!
We are so lucky that our kids get to have a close relationship with their great-grandmother Afton.  She is a wonderful lady and we hope to see her more often!  She always tells us such great stories and makes us laugh.  She feeds us well and keeps such a comfy home.