Tuesday, November 9, 2010

{Halloween in the village}

Trick-or-treating in Waterford is a very special treat.  Its so magical--right out of a storybook.  The school always does such a great job decorating the houses.  We only had Isabella and Jaxon since Olivia was off with her friends.  I was hoping we'd meet up with her, but we never saw her for the rest of the night.  ugh.....teenagers :)  She was a really cute Dallas Cowboys fan.  Jaxon was anxious to join his cousin, Mason, in a real neighborhood so he could fill his pillowcase.  He was a good sport to walk with Izzy until she filled her bucket.  After a long football season, a bloody and beat-up football player didn't seem much like a costume for Jaxon.  Thanks to Grandma Joyce for the darling Dorothy dress.  She made that for Olivia 8 years ago!  How fun for both the girls to enjoy it so much.
Sabe was nice enough to go get us some food before we pigged-out on candy for the rest of night :)

{ballet class}

The girls got to wear their costumes the week of Halloween.  To say that Isabella loves going to dance class each week is an understatement.  She has the biggest grin on her face for the entire 45 minutes.  Her teacher, Arianna, is the sweetest.  Sabe bought Isabella this cute bumble bee costume in Old Town since he gets such a kick out of how much she loves to dress up.  She loves it.PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

{preschool halloween party}

Izzy had such a fun time with her little preschool class.  They are tight-knit group of kids that really do look out for each other.  Mrs. Sue was Jaxon's preschool teacher and has been teaching for over 30 years!  She is so great with the kids and always has energy---how does she do it?
i love this pic of Izzy--so cute :)