Saturday, October 29, 2011


Minutes after the game started, we saw the Marble family arrive at the football field. I know it brought tears to most of our eyes to see that Camryn wanted to be there for his team. What a sweet boy he is!
This video is golden. After the win, the coach chooses someone to "break it down". Its usually the MVP--and last night it was Camryn.


Camryn Marble is one of the cutest kids in town. He has been on the Seahawks for 2 years now, and every time I see him, I smile and I want to pinch his cheeks--but I don't. His family is awesome. 2 really supportive parents, a sister, and a brother who can sing the national anthem like a pro. During last week's game, Camryn broke his leg! He had surgery the next morning--a plate and screws to hold his femur together. Our hearts go out to him and his family. Its so sad to see how hard this kid has worked in football and then to get such a terrible injury right before the playoffs is really unfortunate. The Seahawk families really rallied around the Marble family this week.
We love this kid and its a big loss to the team.
I put together this photo collage and the coaches and team signed it. I framed it and on of the coaches delivered it to him the day he came home from the hospital. I know it put a big smile on his face--those cute chubby cheeks and all :)

{pound 4 pound}

We continue to be amazed by this boy. At just 65 pounds, one of the smallest kids in the league, Jaxon has shown us size does not matter when it comes to him and the football field. As the regular season ended last weekend, the Seahawks were slated for the #3 seed. Last night was the first playoff game against the Eagles. I have to admit, I get physically ill on game days. I can't eat and I have to constantly remind myself to take deep breaths. Its ridiculous.
I've been begging Jaxon to score again since I missed the last touchdown. Well, he did it and he did right in front of me. I think I was snapping the pics and crying at the same time. He made me so incredibly proud!
He also ran the ball in for the extra point right after the touchdown.
What a great game he had--making the tackles at 3 separate 4th downs, really big turning points of the game.
Even though the Seahawks were down 2 touchdowns, they pulled through, came back, and won 21-19!!!!

Monday, October 10, 2011


this little man is almost 12! Can you believe it?
Here are some fun facts about J-j:

chicken wings and caesar salad
AXE shower gel
going to High School football games
coming home from school and stripping down to his boxers
big, soft blankets
watching Pawn Star, Restoration, Sons of Guns, and Cowboys football with his dad
his little buddy, Louis
good music
his cousins
and most of all, his MOM