Friday, March 26, 2010


Jaxon made this cute little creation at school today...crunchy noodles with chocolate and M&Ms and Peeps on top.
cute, huh?

{big apple circus}

thanks to a great friend, Izzy and I were invited to see the circus today! It was so much fun to see the excitement on Isabella's face. Even though we didn't see any elephants or monkeys like she was hoping for, we saw plenty of men in really tight spandex, so it was totally worth it :)
i'm always amazed when i see performers do such amazing acts as these people in the circus. what kind of life would that be, traveling from place to place, many of them from other countries. i hope they enjoy what they do and are happy people because they sure do entertain us!
thanks, girls, for a great time!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

{great wolf}

since we all needed a little mini vacation, we decided to go to Great Wolf last weekend. We also wanted to treat the kids for getting great report cards. It was a blast! This place is so well-done, they really have thought of everything.
I didn't get the greatest pictures with my crappy point-and-shoot, but we will always remember how fun our first trip to Great Wolf was!
can you tell they didn't want to stop for a pic?

{pinewood derby}

the derby is always so much fun for these boys. Sabe has gotten better each year helping Jaxon build the car, unlike the first year that he cut the dang thing using a hack saw and lots of naughty words. the best thing about Sabe and Jaxon is that they are quietly competitive and just enjoy the competition. Just because I can paint an entire house does NOT mean that I can do a detail paint job on a derby car, but I'm getting better as the years go on as well. We had a fun time and Jaxon really enjoyed doing this with his best buddy and cousin, Mason.

cute little Izzy and Dallas

coolest stripe award :)