Wednesday, January 7, 2015

RaNdOm SpRiNg

 Lone Peak basketball team won a 4-peat championship!

 Shopping trip for Prom dresses

Izzy and I finally got to check out this cute shop, Maison Boutique out

 Another trip to BYU's Sacred Gift Art display

 Downtown SLC
 the beautiful Draper Temple
 Bentley got neutered :(
 car selfies
 ski days
 Izzy and I got to see the musical "Sound of Music"

 a small obsession before Easter...
 lunch dates...

 Grandma Loraine turns 90!

 beautiful nights in the neighborhood
 cuddle time
 Time-outs sometimes end up as naps

 Jaxon helped Liv's friend ask a girl to Prom

 lots and lots of naps

 the leprechaun came for a visit.....and a tinkle

 new year's resolutions--eating healthier

 dinner at a yummy slider joint



Heather Williams said...

Your kids are so cute and FUNNY....and your such a fun momma! way to be!